Dot Stickers Butterfly Lesson

I wanted to have a simple lesson that would allow the students that practice concentration and fine motor skills while enabling them to review past lessons. While browsing different sites I came across and saw a series of worksheets that I can use for the kids. For this particular activity,  we wanted to have … Continue reading Dot Stickers Butterfly Lesson

Christmas Give Away Packaging

Christmas is in the air! And to celebrate the season we will be making a simple packaging to make our giveaways more fun! Materials: Gold Coins 2. Card Stock and Designed Paper, Embellishment, Scissors, Adhesive tape or Double Sided Tape, and one punch hole. You will also need some clear plastic        packaging. … Continue reading Christmas Give Away Packaging

Tidying up a small part of my work area

Finally had a day off after weeks of stressful events my workplace has been hosting.  Decided to spend the day catching up some sleep and tidying up my crafts area. Before: Look how messy and misplaced the papers and embellishments are...... Embellishments are all over the place I really have to tame these embellishments that … Continue reading Tidying up a small part of my work area