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Let`s Relax and Make some Cards

Spring has sprung as they say.

I am feeling a little bit relaxed today , so I thought of making something light and easy.


For today`s make, we will be needing the following:


Craft Punch


Origami paper

Card stock


  1. Choose a color palette you would like to use for your card, I decided to go with the pink and lavender combination.

  2. Cut and measure the origami paper.

  3.  ( Measurement: 4 1/4″ x 3″ )img_5043

  4. followed by the card stock.

  5. ( Measurement: 41/2″ x 3 1/4″)

  6. Put the 2 layers together. img_5044 5. using your craft punch, make flowers for your design( It is also a good way to make use of you paper scraps.)      img_5047 6.  I just wanted my card to be  relaxed and simple, so I just aligned the flowers in the middle and using a glue, stick them in a straight line across the card. For this step, it`s your time to shine! let your creativity flow.

  7.  Add embellishments as needed, and we are done!

  8.      Another simple craft that anyone easily can try! I know you can do better than mine, go ahead and make more cards.    img_5013
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Mini Car Paper Craft

A fun and easy lesson for your Kindergarten class.

The class teacher was absent for the day, so I was asked to take her place for the meantime. So I needed a fast and easy to prepare lesson. Searched through  Pinterest and saw similar activity and decided to try it.
Ideal Craft for lessons on: Colors, Shapes, Sizes
Lesson Appropriate for: 3 to 5 years old

We this lesson, we need to prepare the following:



Origami/ Colored Paper



1 Big Circle for the Car`s Body

1 Circle for the window

2 smaller circle for the wheels

2 smaller circle for the rims



  1. Fold the bottom part of the biggest circle
  2. We will only be using 1 half of the circle. Cut the circle into half, then, cut again the arc into half.
  3. Glue together the rim and tire to make the wheels of the car we are making.


4.  Now, Put together all the parts to make the car!

5. I let the children paste their car on a bond paper and let them make designs or                    story out of it.


The children had fun with this simple activity. They have to follow some rules, but at the end, they had an opportunity to express their own creativity.


Here are some of the children`s works:



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Dot Stickers Butterfly Lesson

I wanted to have a simple lesson that would allow the students that practice concentration and fine motor skills while enabling them to review past lessons. While browsing different sites I came across and saw a series of worksheets that I can use for the kids.

For this particular activity,  we wanted to have a review on colors and at the same time give the children freedom to use their creativity.



For the students to review past lessons on Colors.

Encourage creativity and strengthen dexterity skills.


Ideal for 3 to 5 years old kids.


  1. Worksheet ( Print Out) can be downloaded at
  2. Colorful Dot Stickers

img_4299.jpg Feedback:

The kids enjoyed the activity very much. They had fun with the colors and the Dot stickers. The kids were very concentrated while doing the activity.

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Christmas Give Away Packaging

Christmas is in the air!
And to celebrate the season we will be making a simple packaging to make our giveaways more fun!


  1. Gold Coins


2. Card Stock and Designed Paper, Embellishment, Scissors, Adhesive tape or Double Sided Tape, and one punch hole. You will also need some clear plastic        packaging.



  1. Measure and cut your base depending on the size of your chocolates. For this  project, I measured at 2 1/4 inches by 8 inches. For the inner layer, measure and cut it at 2 1/8 inches by 6 1/8 inches.

  2. Using your adhesive tape, put your layers together.

  3. You are now ready to place your chocolates to your layers. Slightly slide your adhesive tape at the back of the chocolate so that it would be easier to arrange them. IMG_4015

  4. Line them up according to your own design. Using a puncher for a cleaner look, punch a hole along the middle, them put on the ribbon for a more finished look.IMG_4017IMG_4016

  5. You can add more embellishment as you wish.  IMG_4019

  6. and we are done!! I just made a basic one for sample purposes. I know you can do better!

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We just survived a very long and stressful month! So many events to host and prepare. We were understaffed and were just plain busy. I am very grateful of all the people who volunteered and helped us though it all. Money can`t even repay the time and effort that they have spent just to help us with all the preparations and all other things that need to be tended to.

The event would not be a success without those people who supported and helped us all the way! All my appreciation and gratitude  I`ve written on these cards. I know words are not enough to express my thanks!

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Tidying up a small part of my work area

Finally had a day off after weeks of stressful events my workplace has been hosting.  Decided to spend the day catching up some sleep and tidying up my crafts area.



Look how messy and misplaced the papers and embellishments are……


Embellishments are all over the place

I really have to tame these embellishments that are just on the table.

So I decided to group them together according to design and color and put them in a clear zip locks


I grouped all that I used as layering, I also sorted our some of my die cuts and the cards I use as accent.

Then, I need to put back the paper to it’s proper area in order to clear the space and find new arrangement for my embellishments and other materials.

After some time of sorting and grouping of similar items together…..



Now, everything has it’s proper place and it’s now easier to look for the items I need to use.



The table is also cleared, giving me more space for my next project! Although, the change is not so drastic, it still gives of a better atmosphere for more project creations!