Spider Craft Activity


For the students to learn the concept of:

1. Small, Smaller, Smallest

2. Big, Bigger, Biggest

Best For:

Students ages 4 to 5 years old


Black Construction Paper

Cream/ White Construction Paper


Bond Paper


  1. My class consists of younger kids, so I have to cut the shapes for them. But for older kids, you can let them cut the shapes themselves, just prepare the template for them to follow . You will need: 1( Black) Big Circle for the body, 1 ( Black) Smaller circle for the head, 2 (White) circle for the eyes and 2 ( Black) Tiny circles. You will also need 6 strips of cream or white paper for the spider`s feet.IMG_4022

2. Put the shapes together.


3. Let the students  draw/ decorate their own spiders and we`re done!



Feedback/ Observation:

The children enjoyed the activity very much. Although they have to follow some standard instructions but in the end, they had the opportunity to put on some of their creativity in their craft. While making this activity, the children were able to concentrate and were able to focus on the teacher`s instructions.